Sweet 16: Onward & Fluffward!

Fluffy thanks to Union Square lovers who claimed their invite to this year’s Sweet 16: Onward & Fluffward! and celebrated a’nutter COVID-conscious What the Fluff? Festival with local businesses! And a special sweet thanks to our sponsors whose generous support made the continuation of this Somerville tradition possible.

We can’t wait until we can revel in rendezvousing with innovation jubilation and fluffalicious feasts in Union Square again. 
Until then, we encourage you to support the many diverse and eclectic local businesses that make your Square a spirited and dynamic neighborhood.

Onward & Fluffward, Your Friends in Fluff!

Sweet 16:
Onward & Fluffward!

Union Square • Somerville, MA

September 22-26, 2021

Our Sponsors

A very special shoutout to the Fabulous Fluff Planning Team who– for a’nutter year – has had to innovate to make possible this year’s memories given the ongoing pandemic. Their love for Fluff, endless creativity, and knack for sticky situation problem resolving has sustained this beloved community tradition for a second year in a row. This spoonful of Somerville is exactly what we all crave. Simply put, the Fabulous Fluff Planning team is the peanut butter to Union Square Main Streets Fluff !

Super sweet special thanks to:
Ray Bugayong
Linda Gritz
Mike Katz, Our Very Own Archibald Query
Bryan MacAuslan
Zack McWade
Jen Palacio
Voravut Ratanakommon (AKA Spicy V)
Nathaniel Devarie
Mieko Murao
Somerville Museum
Somerville Media Center
Durkee Mower 

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